About Gatlin Hubbard
Gatlin Hubbard is an entrepreneur from Hattiesburg, Mississippi who quit his job as a "sign guy" and started a successful photography business by the age of 22 working from his father's shop.

Gatlin was always involved in action sports growing up such as motocross, mountain biking, and wakeboarding. That's when he decided to pick up a camera to record the fun times. One day he got a job as a sign guy at a real estate company and quickly realized a valuable purpose for his photography.
He considers himself a passionate perfectionist and strives to create compelling images that will strike an emotional chord with his clients’ target audience. He personally believes the most value is in freeing up Realtors time so they can focus on what matters most. He says that the opportunity cost is priceless for most Realtors.
Gatlin's clients are some of the fastest growing Realtors in the Hattiesburg area.
About Brad Mozingo
Brad is a very talented individual who is dedicated to life long learning and tackling new challenges every day. 

Brad has been with G-hub Real Estate Photography since August of 2019, bringing along his passion for working closely with clients. Brad has an appreciation of creating a seamless process as well as a favorable skill to keep organized. On the weekends he can be found snorkeling in different sources of natural water or hanging out with his car enthusiast friends.

Brad is always coming up with creative problem solving and taking services, systems, and photography to the next level. 
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